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SmarkTank's podcast

Apr 26, 2018

Hey people!


  Talking bout that greatest Royal Rumble!  Oh yeah!  Also recapping the uninteresting Raw and Smackdown.  Take a listen!



Apr 20, 2018

Hey All,

New episode about the superstar shake up! 

Description coming later!

-Smark Tank

Apr 13, 2018

Hey Everyone,

  This is a long f**kin' episode!  Granted there was a lot to talk about!  Exciting times though!  Check it out!

Apr 6, 2018

Hey Everyone!

  It's Wrestlemania weekend and you know what that means! Wrestlemania predictions!!! Additionally Shannon and Bob speak about the future of WWE post Brock Lesnar and now... Post concussion injury of Daniel Bryan, will he turn heel?  Will Shane turn heel?  Many things that need to be discussed and...