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SmarkTank's podcast

Mar 16, 2019

Fellow Smarks!

  If WWE could be as consistant as it's stock we would be in good shape but this week was not that bad.  What did we love?  What did we hate?  Find out this week on the latest episode of Smark Tank!

Mar 7, 2019

Hey all,


  WWE does it again!  They can't seem to keep a good streak of consistent story telling again.  Hear the latest episode of smark tank and find out what we thought of this week's latest story telling blunders.



Mar 1, 2019

Hey All,

The product is on an upward trend but the ratings seem to be on a downward turn.  We discuss the possibility of Ambrose staying and not going to AEW as well as how the heel turn could have been done correctly and coincided with the Reigns return.  This is one episode you don't want to miss!