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SmarkTank's podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Hey everyone,

This week we talked about.

1. The Roman Reigns/Paul Heyman turn?

2. Wrestlers of color, aka African American wrestlers not being pushed.

3. What it means to be a main eventer.

4. How to tell a good story in the ring.

5. Is Cena back in his doctor of thuganomics gimmick and no one sees it?

6. Shinsuke!!!

7. Aleister Black going to 205 live?!  Is 205 live getting better?

8.  NXT future fueds with EC3.

9. Cruiserweight tag titles:

10.  Should D Bry turn heel!?

and so much more!  Check out the Smark Tank!  Also feel free to check out our friends!



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