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SmarkTank's podcast

Oct 18, 2018

Hey party peoples!


  Wtf is going on with this crown jewel business, well we're going to let you know our thoughts on the week in wrestling!


-Smark Tank

Smark Tank Episode 64 "Can we talk about 205 Live?"

Oct 12, 2018

Hey Everyone!


I'm just so sick of the status quo of WWE, they constantly do the same things and expect different results.   Bob and I cover this in depth this week and we are exposing the systemic problem deep within the walls of the WWE.



Oct 5, 2018

This was a much better product than what we are normally accustomed to but the only problem is the ratings are not affected at all!  Why do you think that is?  Has the damaged been done?  Let us know in the comments section.